Food review: Mori is very moreish

Great sashimi and even better sushi can be found at this helpful Japanese restaurant, writes Susan Jung

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 31 July, 2013, 10:20pm

If it was not clear from the name what type of food Sushi Mori specialises in, you'd get a very good clue from the large, wide sushi bar that runs almost the entire length of the restaurant. On the night of our visit, this is where most of the other diners, apart from me and my guest, decided to sit.

We couldn't chat to the sushi chefs, but our waitress was helpful, and was quick to recommend the freshest selections. We knew that the barnacles would be expensive, so ordered a small portion - the six pieces were HK$180.

They were served as normal - boiled and still in the shell, and we had to dig them out with toothpicks and remove the inedible, shell-like tip.

They were still warm, and slightly overcooked, but had a good, briny flavour.

We tried several sashimi dishes. The raw shrimp (HK$320) came with a surprise - tiny, glossy, grey-brown eggs, which, to our disappointment, didn't add any flavour to the sweet, sticky shrimp. They only gave a mild crunch.

The saba (mackerel, HK$200) was rich and oily, while the crisp, firm pieces of geoduck (HK$450) had a ruffled edge, which was a sign of its freshness.

But the sushi was even better. The rice was excellent - slightly warm, it was flavoured with red vinegar rather than white.

Hiramasa (yellow amberjack, HK$160 per piece) was firm, fatty and delicious. The Hokkaido uni (HK$240) - small, pale-orange "tongues" were piled high and laid out beautifully over the rice, and were rich, sweet and briny. Ikura (salmon roe, HK$90) was only mildly salty, and the eggs were firm, with a nice bite. Thin slices of fatty unagi (freshwater eel) were served warm, with slightly charred edges.

Sushi Mori has a sister restaurant one floor below, and you can also order from the two Izakaya Mori menus - we saw our fellow diners being served salads and grilled dishes.

Service was friendly - our tea cups were topped up frequently, and our plates were changed often. The sushi and sashimi was served on beautiful tableware, and came with fresh wasabi and hand-sliced gari (pickled ginger).


Sushi Mori, 16/F Circle Tower, 28 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay. Tel: 2898 3399. Open: noon-3pm, 6.30pm-11pm. About HK$1,100 per person, without drinks or the service charge.