Toy Box: Bluetooth car speakerphones

Jamie Carter

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 28 August, 2013, 9:48pm


Try using a speakerphone while you drive and chances are the traffic will drown out any conversation. But with wireless Bluetooth technology, voice command and clipon speakers, your hands-free calls will be less of a hassle.


Designed to clip onto a visor, the BlueAnt S4 (HK$963) has its own voice-command technology rather than relying on your smartphone’s, though it only responds to pre-set phrases. You have to learn its language, but it’s simple enough. It links to up to two smartphones at once for hands-free calls, and recharges via microUSB or USB car charger. The S4 includes touch controls, too.



The beauty of wireless Bluetooth is often trumpeted while forgetting that cables are still needed for recharging. That’s not the case with the Griffin SmartTalk Solar (HK$545) as its photovoltaic cell allows it to recharge whenever the sun comes out. Part of Griffin’s DriveSafe range, suction cups adhere it to glass and it automatically connects to a smartphone when the driver enters the car. It is compatible with Google Voice and the iPhone’s Siri.




Another speakerphone that attaches to a car’s visor, this time using a magnetic clip, the SuperTooth Crystal (HK$627) has a large callanswering button on the front, though voice commands are available via Siri- and Google Voice-compatible smartphones. It charges via USB, though not on site, which could be an issue on long journeys. A step-up SuperTooth HD Voice is also available which, like the S4, has its own spoken language.