Bass night Hype Nasty relaunches at Volar

It's back to bass, as Kid Fresh and DJ Enso relaunch club night Hype Nasty, writes Adam Wright

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 October, 2013, 10:40pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 October, 2013, 10:46pm

Hype Nasty, one of the city's most groundbreaking and adventurous club nights, is making its long-awaited return on Saturday, October 26 after a six-month break.

Since 2009, Hype Nasty has been the city's most prominent event focusing on bass music, an umbrella term that covers a range of genres including dubstep, juke, trap and the awesomely titled moombahton, which all revolve around rib-shaking bass.

In the year it was founded by German championship-winning DJ Kid Fresh and San Francisco native DJ Enso, the founder of Solos Records, Hype Nasty was named the best new club night of the year by Time Out magazine.

In the years since, it has played host to influential overseas DJs, such as turntablist champions Kraze and Klever, Feadz from famed French label Ed Banger, and all-round international tastemaker A-Trak.

"We wanted to have an outlet for the types of rather unconventional club music that we feel passionate about, but couldn't hear anywhere in Hong Kong clubs," Kid Fresh - aka Andreas Demeter - says about the event's inception in upscale Lan Kwai Fong nightclub Volar.

"Plus, we wanted to reach a wide audience with it. So instead of keeping it underground we took it to a bottle-service club. We got away with it quite well by sneakily merging the mainstream music we like with the avant-garde music we love."

It's a formula that has worked for Kid Fresh and DJ Enso in the past four years, and enabled them to introduce some challenging - but always danceable - music to Hong Kong nightclubbers before they've had time to work out what's hit them.

"We maintain certain aesthetics, but our sound is constantly reshaping as there is so much new and innovative music to discover every day.

"We act as a filter, absorb as much as we can from many different styles and genres, keep anything that feels right, and mix it all up in a digestible way that makes sense at that particular moment with that particular crowd," Kid Fresh says.

This Saturday, joining the event founders for a night that Kid Fresh promises will be "bipolar, eclectic, neoteric, euphoric, bananas", are Hype Nasty regular Yao and blonde bombshell Eve Speciall, who has raised the roof during her regular appearances at Volar's sister club Fly.

"We just want to keep having fun with it and hopefully host many more exciting acts and DJs from all over the world in the future," Kid Fresh says.


Hype Nasty, October 26, 10pm, Volar, B/F 38-44 D'Aguilar Street, Central, HK$300 (includes two drinks). Inquiries: 2810 1510