Toy box: Mobile cameras

Compact camera sales are in decline, but this trio offers some innovative designs to keep you snapping, writes Jamie Carter

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 November, 2013, 10:29pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 November, 2013, 10:29pm

Nokia Lumia 1520
Hot on the heels of Nokia's Lumia 1020 - a Windows smartphone with a 38-megapixel camera - comes the Lumia 1520 (HK$5,998, With a much-larger six-inch screen and speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, it's on trend, and its 20-megapixel PureView sensor - with 2x lossless zoom - should be enough for most. A handy dual-capture feature produces a full-resolution image for editing and a five-megapixel version to share online.


Sony DSC-QX10
Sensing that smartphone cameras tend to be lacking in the zoom department, Sony has developed an all-in-one lens without the body. The DSC-QX10 (HK$1,980, is a camera inside a lens, which has a 10x optical zoom and an 18.2-megapixel sensor, as well as a microphone for video recording. Essentially, it's a smartphone accessory, and images taken on the DSC-QX10 can be sent by Wi-fi to your smartphone, but the add-on also has its own microSD card.


GoPro Hero3+
Outdoor sports are one of the few areas where a smartphone camera doesn't cut it. Designed to clip onto helmets, handlebars and almost anywhere else, this smallest-yet GoPro - the Hero3+ (HK$3,980, - can shoot stills at 12-megapixels and film video in HD and even 4K Ultra HD. Lasting a few hours on a single charge, it's equipped with Wi-fi and can broadcast streaming video to smartphones installed with the GoPro app.