Toy box: smart toys for long-distance loving

These devices are designed to let you feel the love, writes Jamie Carter

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 February, 2014, 10:26pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 February, 2014, 10:54pm

1.  Bond
From May, Bond will be available as two smartphone-connected bracelets (necklaces will follow) fashioned from Amazonian wild rubber. It has two modes - one-on-one where one person "tickles" their bracelet and the other feels it - and a mode where anyone can leave a GPS-tagged tickle in any location for all Bond wearers to pick-up. Likened to an emotional footprint, think of Bond as a touchy-feely tweet. Visit for updates on price and availability.

2.  Vibease
A wearable smart vibrator similar to blueMotion, Vibease (HK$613) gives the wearer "customisable pulsations" via an app for up to three hours. Available in pink or purple for both iPhone and Android phones.

3.  Lelo Hula Beads
Able to vibrate and rotate at the same time, the Lelo Hula Beads (HK$1,329) has a wireless remote control with a SenseMotion motion sensing feature; when the remote control is held horizontally, it doesn't vibrate as much. It's a two-way experience, too; the remote control vibrates as well so whoever holds it will know what their partner is feeling.

4.  Good Night Lamp
A family of internet-connected lamps, the Good Night Lamp from Tinker London lets you stay in touch with loved ones without explicitly talking or texting. With the aim of creating a "physical" social network, a lamp can be lit to signal availability and presence, or otherwise. It's currently sold out but you can place your order for the next batch at

5.  Minna Ola Squeeze-n-Vibe
It's not connected to a smartphone, but this vibrator (HK$1,390) is a great example of touchy-feely haptic technology at work. Instead of tiny buttons, the Minna Ola is controlled with a sensing pad that works on squeezing air pressure. Super-responsive, it's been created for easier solo or dual play.