If hooks could kill: music to break up, make up and make out to

Music has a complicated relationship with romance. From falling head over heels to utter misery, there’s a song to describe every emotion. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, we asked local music figures to choose their favourite tracks to break up, make up and make out to

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 February, 2014, 10:26pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 February, 2014, 10:26pm


Danny DePoe, musician
Breaking up:
Prince, Purple Rain
The bitterness of the loss of love is so evident here. It’s comforting to hear that other people have experienced that same kind of loss.
Making up: The Jackson 5, I Want You Back
The title says it all. In these kinds of songs, there’s an understanding that you didn’t quite give all you could the first time.
Making out: Chet Baker, My Funny Valentine
Baker’s voice goes straight to a woman’s heart. He can help you get to where you want in terms of that first make out.


Janette Slack, producer/DJ
Breaking up:
Cee Lo Green, Forget You
This song will help you get a smile back on your face, which is better than getting all emo.
Making up: Al Green, Let’s Stay Together
This old track is still gorgeous and sweet: “You make me feel so brand new/ And I want to spend my life with you.”
Making out: Nine Inch Nails, Closer
Even though it’s been played to death, it’s still fresh, epic and hits the spot (or the nail on the head).


Ben McCarthy, singer with rock band Poubelle International
Breaking up:
Arctic Monkeys, Do Me a Favour
There are some great lines for angry lovers here, such as “Perhaps f*** off might be too kind”.
Making up: Flight of the Conchords, The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room
It’s impossible to be mad when this song comes on – the lyrics are hilarious: “You’re so beautiful/ You could be a part-time model.
Making out: Deerhunter, Microcastle
This album has such a nice tone – romantic, chilled, a bit nostalgic. Lovely.


Miss Yellow, DJ
Breaking up:
Ifan Dafydd, No Good
This track that samples the late, great Amy Winehouse will help relieve the sadness. You’ll probably cry for days, but time will heal.
Making up: Obey City, Fallin’
The sky-high melodies and slow beats will help you to fall in love all over again.
Making out: Canblaster, I Think About U
Creeping piano lines, crackling harmonies and the repeated title lyric creates a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Paul Maclean, drummer with rock band DP
Breaking up:
Johnny Paycheck, It Won’t Be Long (And I’ll Be Hating You)
Nothing says sadness more than an old country tune. This track basically puts heartache into words.
Making up: Air Supply, All Out Of Love
I’ll admit it. I have a soft spot for cheesy ’80s love ballads. Write a song like this for a girl, and how could she stay mad at you?
Making out: Of Montreal, The Past is a Grotesque Animal
This one isn’t for everyone, but it brings back some happy memories for me.