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Fashions real Hongkongers choose: Ceci Ngan (Instagram star No 7)

With an Instagram following of more than 230,000, Ceci Ngan, aka "No7", is also the organiser of the Weekend Wardrobe events to recycle high-fashion clothing

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 May, 2015, 11:03pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 May, 2015, 11:38pm

Boda Skins blue leather jacket

This company has quality jackets with great stitching on the shoulders. I love layering colourful items as it makes an outfit more playful.

Blue Two Percent skirt

This is a Hong Kong brand that does a lot of flattering cuts. I just did a shoot for them, so this skirt was actually a gift. I really like it.

Purple hair

I've had this hair for about three years now. At first I had black on top with blue and purple at the bottom, but after a while I realised that it would be easier to match outfits if my hair was more or less the same colour all over.

Cres. E. Dim beanie

I have more than 200 beanies and this one is by a South Korean brand. When I go out I usually pick either a black or white one.

Asia Society

I often travel to Europe for work and this space reminds me of the continent as it's very spacious. They also hold a lot of cool exhibitions here, and there's a great rooftop view.


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