Touch and go

Better skin at the press of a button?

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 October, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 October, 2013, 5:12pm


The claim: This US FDA-approved facial toning device (HK$2,990) uses microcurrent technology to stimulate the skin, improving facial contour and skin tone, and reducing wrinkles.

The review: The first time we used the Trinity, we made the mistake of cranking it up and nearly shocking ourselves. But after a few more tries and with the help of the gel primer, we started to enjoy the so-called "five-minute face lift". The primer helps the device to glide along the skin, and with just one use our cheeks looked tighter and jawline smoother (effects are said to last 72 hours). Even at the lower settings, the stimulation may be a bit much for our sensitive skin, however, as we started to notice some little red dots popping up around the chin and eye area. The Trinity is probably best suited to hardier skin types looking for a nice lift. Tama Lung




The claim: This multifunctional facial device (HK$1,688) uses ion technology to repair and renew collagen and elastin, microcurrents to reshape the skin contour, and high-frequency waves to increase skin density and thickness.

The review: This new gadget promising "fountain of youth" power is easy to use. After charging the battery, we set it to our age range and massaged the face as instructed. It has three heads that stimulate different skin layers, and we used it for several weeks for around 10 minutes a night. It is suggested to apply a serum before massaging - we used our own, which made the massage smoother. It felt easy on the skin with the occasional tingle, but nothing to make us jump out of our seat. In the end, we enjoyed using the device but truly noticeable results remain to be seen. Tracey Furniss




The claim: Two gadgets in one, the Pore-Fector (HK$1,628) uses high-level sonic vibrations to "power wash" the pores, and low-level vibrations to massage treatments into the skin.

The review: Despite being long-time users of the Clarisonic cleansing brush, which also uses sonic vibrations, we have never been able to rid ourselves of pesky blackheads. So we were eager to put the Pore-Fector to the test. It took a few tries to get the right combination of toner (used to prime the skin), pressure and skin temperature. But once we mastered it - after a warm shower, with a light layer of toner and fairly strong pressure - we were pretty amazed to see our blackheads slowly disappearing. Even better, they stayed away and our skin was left smoother than ever. The massage function, meanwhile, didn't seem any better than plain old fingertips. Tama Lung




The claim: A blend of concentrated red-light therapy, sonic vibration, gentle warmth and massage helps to increase collagen and elastin production while boosting skin hydration.

The review: Though we like the idea that we can now enjoy "clinic-like" treatments at home, this hand-held, do-it yourself device (HK$1,690) comes with a lot of caveats. The list of "do not use if…" makes it sound like it should only be handled by a trained therapist. Though the device is easy to use and problem-free, those who are not familiar with light therapy may find the bursts of light pulses uncomfortable. And somehow 15 minutes of do-it-yourself seems like a long time if you are not in a spa where someone else is pampering you. Following the instructions, we found there was little difference in skin texture after 10 days. Perhaps patience and tenacity will show better results. Pin Lee