Turn it up

Latest mascaras are all about volume

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 October, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 October, 2013, 4:46pm


The claim: This volume-enhancing formula (HK$520) features snowflake-shaped bristles to coat and thicken. It is resistant to water, humidity and smudges.

The review: Most mascaras lengthen and add volume to eyelashes, but for those with oily skin, finding one that is smudge-proof (no panda-looking eyes at the end of an especially humid day in Hong Kong) has been a quest. We think Chantecaille Supreme Cils may save the day. It holds up well to moisture and humidity. We like its brush that coats each lash separately, leaving lashes looking more natural with no clumps. It's easy to remove - warm water does the trick - dispensing of the need for oily and industrial-strength make-up removers. Pin Lee




The claim: With a specially designed wand and natural ingredients, this new volumising mascara (HK$180) promises everything from longer, thicker lashes to flake-free, all-day wear.

The review: With straight, light lashes, we get excited when a mascara claims to be volumising. This product does make your lashes stand out without looking too goth. The ProTwist180 applicator spirals 180 degrees, curving around the lashes and coating them from all angles. The problem when wearing glasses is the mascara smudges onto the lenses, so you have to clean them constantly. Better to use this product when wearing contacts. We like that it contains no parabens or phthalates, and is powered by nourishing minerals and quinoa proteins. Tracey Furniss





The claim: Designed to boost lash volume by up to three times, this new mascara (HK$68) boasts an innovative hourglass-shaped brush to deposit the formula from roots to tips.

The review: While many volumising formulas tend to yield clumpy lashes with more than one application, this mascara goes on smoothly and naturally. The brush's design keeps lashes from sticking together, and the formula thickens lashes without leaving lumps even after two or three coats. Lashes are dramatically fuller afterwards, and the mascara dries quickly without feeling brittle. We are also quite happy to report we can remove the mascara easily with make-up remover. The reason, however, may be because it is not very resistant to water, despite claims to the contrary. Jacqueline Tsang




The claim: Part of Chanel's Jeux de Regards eye make-up collection, this "intense" new mascara (HK$285) coats each lash to create bigger, more defined eyes.

The review: There's always something decadent about using Chanel, and this mascara doesn't disappoint. The sleek black packaging opens to reveal a thick brush with short bristles that easily grab individual lashes. There is a bit of clumping, but the formula is thin enough that we can easily brush through it. While it takes a few coats to get the real volumising effect, we like the fact that one coat visibly lengthens and darkens our lashes. The mascara holds up well for a full day, and rinses off easily with make-up remover. We can't wait to try the blue and prune shades too. Tama Lung