Eat-out curry too hot for plush dining room

PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 April, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 25 April, 1994, 12:00am

F ROM time to time Keeping Posted has chronicled examples of how the sun is rapidly setting on the British Empire - or, rather, what remains of it in Hong Kong.

At the weekend we had further evidence to this effect when sitting down to lunch in the dining room of a club which we will not name apart from saying that it is a long-established centre of leisure for women in Old Peak Road.

We didn't even need to peruse the menu proffered by the waiter, since having dined there before we knew the various curries on offer were the best this side of Bangalore.

But problems. We were politely but firmly informed that the curry (a dish on which the British Empire was nurtured) of our choice can be served, but no longer in the dining room.

Instead we were banished to an isolated far corner of the adjoining cocktail bar where we duly enjoyed the deliciously spicy cuisine in inexplicable quarantine.

Still, it might have been worse. The club committee could well have decreed that curry will henceforth be served on a banana leaf and can only be eaten squatting under a tree by the tennis court.