Causeway Bay has always had a bewildering number of eateries, from tiny street-side stalls to some of Hong Kong's most prestigious restaurants hidden on high floors or in malls.

Alfresco dining is gaining popularity among busy Hongkongers who want to unwind, writes Vicki Williams.

Maria Cordero wears many hats. When the singer, actress and TV host from Macau - lovingly known by fans as "Fat Mama" - isn't busy filming her cooking show or rehearsing for concerts, she can be...

Michelin-rated chef Akrame Benallal treats his cuisine like a fashion collection, writes Tracey Furniss.

Yohann Jousselin came to Hong Kong looking for a new challenge, writes Tracey Furniss.

Diners are heading outdoors in greater numbers to make the most of the weather at this time of year.

Macau’s culinary establishments offer diners mouthwatering range of cuisines to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

Latest arrivals offer tantalising range from Spanish and Italian to the offbeat concept of eating in the dark.


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