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Last Week in Reality

Last week's news in bite-sized chunks. Illustrations by Ryan Chan

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 May, 2015, 12:10pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:41pm

Sat 2

Purse Fling At 5am, a couple in Tai Po gets into a fight and the woman throws her handbag to the ground. A passing man grabs the purse and runs off, but the couple chases him and the man retrieves the bag for the woman. They continue fighting until the woman jumps into the river, seemingly attempting to commit suicide. A passerby calls the police and the woman is rescued. The couple is sent to the hospital.

Sun 3

Taxi Driver Pedestrians in Tuen Mun spot a female taxi driver wearing a motorcycle helmet, bulletproof vest and fingerless gloves, and call the police. The police find that the driver is armed with a BB gun and arrest her. A knife is also found in the car. After an appearance in court she is bailed and barred from driving, pending another hearing in June.

Mon 4

Standing Order A Pacific Coffee Company branch in Prince Edward removes all chairs and tables in its establishment due to a licensing issue. Some customers complain about the lack of seating in the shop, while one man tells reporters that the venue is not as crowded. One customer writes on social media that the new arrangement provides more opportunities to chat to strangers.

Tue 5

Love Hurts A 26-year-old Yuen Long woman argues with her 28-year-old husband about their relationship and household issues. The man becomes hysterical, picking up a knife and cutting her on the neck. The cut is shallow and the woman calls the police, who arrest her husband. She is taken to hospital for treatment.

Wed 6

Miss Piggy A wild boar is spotted in a park in Aberdeen, and residents call the police. The boar hides in bushes before running through the streets and into an industrial building. Police surround it with rubbish carts and riot shields, and the boar is tranquilized and released back into the wild.

Thu 7

Pooparazzi A young man reaches into a Baptist University toilet stall twice to snap photos of an off-duty police officer emptying his bowels. When the officer notices, he chases the man out of the bathroom. The man falls down the stairs and cuts his chin open, and the officer twists his ankle in the chase. Both are taken to hospital.

Fri 8

Pork Party A delivery truck heading to Tai Wai Market careens into a highway divider on Tai Po, turning over and spilling more than 20 freshly slaughtered pig carcasses on the road. The top and side of the truck split open, showering both sides of the highway with pork. The delivery company schedules another truck to deliver the remaining pigs. Other than minor head injuries, the driver is unharmed.