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Last Week in Reality

Last week's news in bite-sized chunks. Illustrations by Ryan Chan

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 May, 2015, 4:54pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:41pm

Sat 9

Chopper Rescue After a long night of partying in Stanley, a British expat takes a taxi to his home on Conduit Road. He veers off the path and gets trapped in the forest, injuring his leg. He calls the police, who send a helicopter to search for him. He is found around 200 meters from Lugard Road on the Peak and is airlifted off the mountain.

Sun 10

Cab Cuffs A drunk man in Causeway Bay tries to get a cab at 2am with a female friend, but the taxi driver refuses to accept the fare. Enraged, the man starts to stike the taxi, and so the driver gets out to confront him. The drunk man shrugs off his friend and leaps onto the taxi driver. The police are called and both men are taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Mon 11

Pig Parade A wild boar swims through a pool in Tsuen Wan Park at 11am. At 6:30pm, another wild boar falls through a false ceiling of a Chai Wan children’s clothing store and into the shop’s display case. Both are caught and tranquilized. The Tsuen Wan boar is released into the wild immediately, while the Chai Wan boar is held for observation before being released.

Tue 12

Hungry Hungry Python At 10am in Sai Kung, a dead goat is found next to a swollen 10-foot-long Burmese Python. The snake has eaten the goat’s 3-month-old kid. A snake rescuer captures the snake and tries to make the bloated python regurgitate the animal. He is ultimately able to pull the kid out of the snake, and discovers that the python has also likely eaten a cat.

Wed 13

Happily Ever After Disney Enterprises threatens to sue for reporting on Hong Kong-originated Disneyland parody “Buddhaland.” Netizens of the HK Golden forums had uploaded images of a Disneyland-style theme park based on Lantau’s Big Buddha. Space Mountain was transformed into the “Five Finger Mountain,” the hand with which Buddha imprisoned the Monkey King. reported on the viral news, but did not originate any of the content.

Thu 14

Railway Stowaway At 10am, a 52-year-old woman is spotted hiding under the northbound platform at Tai Po Market Station. She sticks her head out, prompting the train driver to hit the emergency brake, and then climbs out and walks along the tracks. The police take her off the tracks and to the hospital, but she does not explain her actions. Her husband says that she has a history of mental illness.

Fri 15

Student Protest (Again) Baptist University students storm an interview panel with Professor Roland Chin Tai-hong, the candidate for university president, claiming that the university’s administration has not consulted the student body properly. There had been three question-and-answer sessions with the professor, but the BU Student Union president suggested that the meetings had been scheduled in the middle of exam season to give students limited access to the meetings. Chin agrees to delay the appointment date to give students more chances to meet with him.