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News Quiz

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 May, 2015, 5:37pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 4:42pm

It’s been a week packed full of news, and you know what that means: It’s time for our semi-occasional News Quiz! Can you pick the correct answer from the maelstrom of tomfoolery that was this week in the SAR?

1) The Court of Final Appeal has ruled that the Chinachem Charitable Foundation should not have greater control over the $83 billion estate of tycoon Nina Wang. This means that the Foundation will have to spend the money in accordance with Wang’s last wishes, which were...
a) To institute a “Chinese Prize” which will be the equivalent of the Nobel Prize   
b) To secede from Hong Kong and set up the independent nation of Ninatopia.
c) To rebuild Teddy Wang: better... stronger... faster.
d) To fund an elaborate process by which a dead woman’s estate is wrangled over at painful, unpleasant length through a series of interminable court cases and all her secrets laid out in the public eye.

2) A survey by think tank Civic Exchange has revealed that Hongkongers want to reform the small-house policy which allows indigenous male villagers to build houses which they could potentially sell for profit. Respondents...
a) Supported restrictions on the resale of small houses and residency requirements before those eligible could apply.
b) Are just jealous they can’t build apartments on prime real estate for a song.
c) Are considering sex change operations so that they can qualify for an antiquated, gendered law, because property is king.
d) Are amazed that you can get away with calling a 2,100 square foot, three-story house in Hong Kong “small.”

3) Plans have been revealed for Hong Kong’s largest shopping complex yet, to be built next to Terminal 2 of Hong Kong International Airport. Critics are concerned that the mall will...
a) Not cater to local shoppers, instead targeting the lucrative mainland tourist dollar.
b) Detract from the bucolic delights of Tung Chung’s picturesque Citygate Outlet Mall.
c) Attract all the stupid, annoying people who normally go to Macau instead.
d) Suck.

4) Engines which are illegally kept idling have been found to be the least enforced infraction in the SAR. Potential reasons for this are:
a) Legitimate exemptions, such as for idling taxis.
b) Pollution is significantly less important than a dry underarm.
c) Cops have been going easy on all those sexy shirtless lorry drivers.
d) The Toyota Alphard is rumored to run not on gasoline, but on the tears of Mother Earth herself.

5) An official report shows that air quality in the Pearl River Delta improved last year, but harmful ozone levels are on the rise, up 5.6 percent. Reasons for this might be:
a) Poor weather conditions, or ozone being blown from elsewhere into the Pearl River Delta region.
b) The Occupy protesters releasing extra ozone into the atmosphere during the protests, because why not go ahead and blame it on them?
c) Everyone thinks that Ozone is just that club in ICC, so they don’t really care about it.
d) Xi Jinping, a leaf blower, and a big ol’ tub of ozone.