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The #LivePure Challenge #2: The Adjustment Bureau

Senior Ed Adam White is going from fat to fit with a tailored wellness program with the Pure Group.

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 September, 2016, 3:33pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:25pm

I’m getting used to it. Slowly, glacially slowly, I’m getting used to it. 

Not that it’s easy. I work too far out of town to train at lunch, and I never know when I’ll be getting off work—so morning training it is. 

Which is a problem, as my ideal mornings start at 11:59am. But now I’m dragging myself out of bed to get to the gym at 7:30am. Five days a week. FIVE DAYS A WEEK! I used to be able to count the things I do five days a week on three fingers: Eat, sleep, repeat. 

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Nowadays, it goes: Eat (less), sleep (more), go to the gym (all the time), repeat. 

But like all things, you get used to it. I’ve not re-encountered the sheer pain I felt the day after my first workout, and thanks to my PT at Pure Fitness, Felix, I’m learning a lot about how my body works: which muscles do what, what controls where, and how to work ‘em. 

 “After two weeks, I’m down 4.5kg. Four and a half kilos!

Thankfully, Felix hasn’t asked me to start sprinting 15 miles a day. Instead the early part of my training is all about kickstarting my slothful metabolism into gear, getting my body used to the idea that it should be burning more energy. That takes the form of walking a treadmill set at an incline. Not for all that long—20 minutes does it—but fast enough that I’m feeling it. And I’m spending a lot of my time working my legs. The legs are a big muscle group, Felix tells me. The more I work the big muscle groups, the faster my body burns fat. And that means squats. Lots and lots of squats. 

As for the diet, it’s tricky. I’ve more or less cut rice, pasta and noodles from my diet, replacing them with fiber to keep me feeling full. (Thankfully, meals at Nood Food mean I don’t have to cook everything from scratch). But between that and the early gym sessions, I’ve got less energy than I used to. 

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But the truth is, it’s working. The other day I walked around a corner and my Glamorous Fiancée had to double-take. She says I’m looking way skinnier. I don’t feel it—but I’m dropping weight, and dropping kilos at that. After two weeks, I’m down 4.5kg. Four and a half kilos! 

I don’t expect that rate of loss to continue. But it’s a pretty good start, enough to keep me motivated. And so my daily routine continues: Eat (less), sleep (more), go to the gym (all the time), repeat. And maybe, just maybe, feel 
a little better. 

I still hate the mornings, though.

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