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Last Week in Viral News

The week in weird. 

PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 September, 2016, 12:38pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:26pm

Aug 27, Sat: At around 11 in the morning, MTR employees find a man in his 60s pacing back and forth on the southbound track at Sheung Shui station along the East Rail Line. He refuses to move back to the platform. After some persuasion, five employees escort the distraught man back to safe ground. He is sent to hospital with minor injuries.

Aug 28, Sun: A family and a Taoist priest are seen throwing a bag of objects off the pier at Anglers’ Beach in Tsuen Wan. Soon after, dozens of terrapins—specifically, red-eared sliders—begin climbing out of the water. Lifeguards row out to search for more of the freshwater species, returning with buckets of them. More than 240 are rescued. A similar incident is later reported in the same district at Approach Beach, this time involving farmed barramundi as well as terrapins. 

Aug 29, Mon: A photo uploaded to Facebook goes viral: A woman asks her domestic helper to divide a tub of ice cream into two portions. The helper lays the tub down on a chopping board and slices it in half. Impressed by the perfectly cut dessert, netizens praise the helper’s carving skills.

Aug 30, Tue: At around noon, a 61-year-old woman is crossing the road in Sau Mau Ping when a double-decker KMB bus runs over her foot. Crying out in pain with her foot stuck under the wheel, the woman manages to call the police on her own phone. Fire services arrive to free her, and she is taken to hospital. 

Aug 31, Wed: The High Court rejects a 40-year-old man’s appeal to recover $6,200 worth of cash and belongings—including a mattress—from his ex-girlfriend following their breakup. The man filed the appeal after a failed claim at the Small Claims Tribunal. Although he paid only $500 for the mattress in a sale, the man told reporters he wanted to claim its original price of $5,000 because he queued 12 hours for it. He now plans to lodge another appeal through his ex-lover’s church.

Sept 1, Thu: At 8am an employee at a store in a Mong Kok industrial building finds what he believes to be a machine gun in the stairwell. He calls the police, who determine the “gun” to be a plastic replica, and hand the case over to building management. 

Sept 2, Fri: A man is arrested at a Standard Chartered branch in Tsim Sha Tsui after repeatedly demanding up to $60,000 in “compensation” on the basis that he was offended by the “blasphemous” presence of the qilin—a Chinese mythical creature—on the $100 notes issued by the bank. Prior to his arrest, he had also threatened to “ruin the bank’s reputation.” An investigation is underway.