Hong Kong's French community is branching out from traditional business activities and using their French connections to promote their brands, discovers Shirley Lau.

Consumerism and brand fixation have infiltrated the underworld. Hong Kong's ghosts are a rich lot, many of them with their own fleet of luxury cars, iPhones and houses with servants to keep their...

A record auction price for a 'King of Kowloon' graffiti piece points to a golden age for contemporary Chinese art, writes Denise Tsang.

Will Burgundies follow Bordeaux into another price collapse? Madeleine Ross investigates.

If you want to sell a yacht in the mainland, take out its spare bedroom and put in a jumbo karaoke parlour, writes Denise Tsang.

Crowd-funding can connect the masses to promising investments, but beware the pitfalls, writes Benjamin Robertson.

One of London's oldest auction houses shows commitment to Asia by moving its chairman and CEO to Hong Kong, writes Tiffany Ap.

Nate Silver rides roughshod over anyone with lazy opinions or bad analysis. It's a lesson for business and, indeed, life, writes Jasper Moiseiwitsch.

Known for his modesty and down-to-earth manner, self-made billionaire and Gold Bauhinia Star recipient Jim Thompson talks to Kate Whitehead about his schools building campaign.



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