Regional banks are attracting the larger share of Asia's ever-growing private banking customers. Devanshi Bhatnagar finds out why.

Western branded firms are pairing with mainland companies to create products combining global excellence with a Chinese flavour. Shirley Lau looks at the hybrid business model.

Stephen Hung sees the future of consumption, designing his new Macau hotel with ultra-rich mainlanders - and their opulent tastes - in mind, writes Nick Edwards.

Vanity plates can convey names, lucky numbers, cryptic love messages or huge egos. Tiffany Ap finds out how to get one.

A club membership can prove useful but it comes at a cost - and a wait, writes Kate Whitehead.

Drawing on his privileged childhood memories, author Kevin Kwan dramatises the crazy lifestyles of rich Asians in his new book, writes Tiffany Ap.

Renowned for targeting fraudulent companies in corporate China, Carson Block is about to swap being chased by triads for the patter of a different type of feet, at least for a while, writes Alex...

Private banks generate huge revenue from ultra-high-net-worth clients. Devanshi Bhatnagar finds out to what lengths the banks will go to keep these accounts on their books.

Renowned for his philanthropic endeavours, Ronnie Chan also understands the power of 'no', including when it comes to his children, writes Kate Whitehead.

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