I just spent HK$1,600 on what’s supposed to be a top-end slim-fit polo shirt in pique cotton but it’s the same old problem – my nipples show through the shirt. That can look sexy on a woman, but not so hot on guys. How can I solve this problem?

Mr Dandy: Personally, I don’t think showing a little nip should be an issue for guys or gals, but some ladies do. Especially the ones in Japan, apparently, ‘cause a few brands from there offer solutions to your problem. Well, they’re made for women, but who’s going to know? Head to Sasa (see www.sasa.com for locations) and cover up with stickers such as the Nipp- Non (HK$18 and up), or the reusable Cover Ups, flesh-coloured stick-on pads, by Under Cover Accessories (HK$99 per pair). But it’s weird, right? The “finest” tees aren’t always the strongest.
Mr Dapper: Don’t be ridiculous. It is not at all strange when you consider that “fine” has several definitions. In this case, it could describe the overall quality. It could refer to the weight and gauge of the material. Or it could be an adjective for its aesthetic appeal. Take, for example, the polo shirts at Ralph Lauren (The Landmark, Central, tel: 2869 0388). Whereas one of its classic-fit polos from the main collection is of a sturdy cotton (HK$890), its slim-fit polo in mercerised cotton from the Black Label collection (HK$3,000) is so fine it feels like silk and is bound to be more revealing. Use the inexplicably arctic air-conditioning to your advantage and do a nipple test by trying it on before purchase. 


My girlfriend’s been trying to persuade me that  tank tops are cool, but I’m not convinced. What do you think?

Mr Dapper: If by tank tops you mean vests, then I wholeheartedly disagree with your girlfriend. Said form of underwear is designed to promote warmth. Indeed, while it is mandatory for gentlemen in most places to wear an undershirt beneath a dress shirt, even the most conservative of us will forgive its omission in this part of the world.
Mr Dandy: Huh? Who’s talking about under? With all the cool tanks out there, guys should be showing not hiding, especially if they’ve been working on their guns. My summer loves have been the photo and graphic print ones.
Cotton On made a bunch including loose-fit ones, prints, solids and stripes (HK$119 each; 2 D’Aguilar Street, Central, tel: 2537 4267), and it’s even revived old album covers such as those of Guns N’ Roses’ on tees with cut-off sleeves (HK$139). Topman has tanks with tattoo motifs or 1980s-style graphics (HK$250; Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, tel: 3695 3388). Or get sporty in fitness gear such as a mesh tank from martial arts centre Hayabusa (HK$260; 16 Queen Victoria Street, Central, tel: 2511 2110). Ready to up the fashion stakes? Christopher Kane has totally awesome tanks in plain cotton and velvety, flocked panels of blue, black and blood red (HK$3,150; Harvey Nichols). Or try a super-long tank by Rick Owens (HK$2,700; Joyce, 16 Queen’s Road Central, tel: 2810 1120).
Mr Dapper: Heaven forbid.


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