The Clearwater Bay School Cookbook- Favourite Family Recipes

Anyone worried about the demise of home cooking needs to take a look at this book. If these dishes are typical of what children are eating at home, then good old home cooking is alive and well.

The recipes within show the future generation of foodies - at least those attending Clearwater Bay School - is getting a healthy and varied diet. The recipes all come from pupils' families and naturally include dishes sure to please young and old, such as spaghetti and meatballs, angel food cake and chocolate chip cookies. Also included, though, are recipes for won ton soup, shrimp and prosciutto polenta, Malaysian-Indian rogan josh, barbecue beetroot burgers, teriyaki beef rolls and kimbap (nori seaweed rolls).

Profits from the sale of the book - which is available for HK$200 at branches of Dymocks and through the Clearwater Bay PTA - will be spent on the school's facilities.