I could live on Bangkok street food because it's so inexpensive, varied and (usually) delicious. The Thai capital does have good restaurants - I've been to a few of them - but street food has an immediacy about it that I love: you see someone serving something that looks interesting, look around to see if others are enjoying it, point to what you want, then eat it and, after you've finished (or not, if it turns out to look better than it tastes), you hand over a few baht.

So I was excited to come across Bangkok Glutton bangkokglutton.com Last year, blogger Chawadee Nualkhair published a book, Bangkok's Top 50 Street Food Stalls, but that hasn't stopped her from discovering more places to eat in the city and beyond: she also writes about food in other parts of Thailand, as well as dishes she has tried on visits to places such as Japan, Hong Kong and Macau. Even when she's not writing about street food, the blog posts are entertaining: she describes an encounter she, her husband and family had with a prostitute in Macau; and on the subject of eating shirako (above; also known as "male roe", even though there is no such thing) she tells it like it is, writing that "it tastes much better than human sperm. Sorry, humans!"