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Six degrees

Rachael Barker


Jennifer Lopez will be shaking her shapely stuff in Hong Kong in November. Often voted the world's most beautiful woman, Lopez started her career as a backup dancer for New Kids on the Block. But not even this Puerto Rican-American sweetheart can keep everyone happy all the time. Lopez's Sweetface fashion label came under fire in 2005 for its use of fur, leading to furious Peta members storming her New York office. Unfortunately for them, J-Lo wasn't there and they were quietly asked to leave by an assistant. At the head of the mob was agile amputee Heather Mills …


The former Mrs Paul McCartney became the subject of a hate campaign led by British tabloids that were embellishing their stories with information hacked from her phones. Her No 1 ranking in the publicenemy stakes could be seen as unjustified, coming as it did from a populace sophisticated enough to know that dabbling in prostitution does not make someone a bad person (although lying about being abducted and sexually assaulted can cast a woman in a poor light). As an escort, Mills reportedly earned upwards of £2,000 a "pop" giving "athletic" servicings to, among others, Adnan Khashoggi …


The Saudi Arabian arms dealer was at one point in the 1980s reported to be the world's richest man, with a fortune of US$70 billion. His yacht, the Nabila, was the largest in the world and featured in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again. The famed party host and darling of Middle Eastern monarchs suffered a precipitous fall from grace when he was extradited from a Swiss prison to the United States to stand trial accused of racketeering and fraud. He was acquitted of the charges along with his co-defendant, Imelda Marcos …


Marcos' excesses have become the benchmark by which all other lady despots are judged. While her husband was in power in the Philippines, she justified spending sprees that saw her buy entire New York office blocks (although she turned down an offer to buy the Empire State Building, saying it was "too ostentatious"), 175 artworks by the likes of Michelangelo and Botticelli and, of course, the shoes that were recently found festering in a museum backroom, by claiming it was her "duty" to be a "light, a star to give the poor guidelines". Key to her acquittal in New York was the testimony of her alleged lover, actor George Hamilton …


The permatanned and tuxedoed Hamilton, who built his career on his persona as a suave womaniser, lost his virginity to his stepmother at the age of 12. After such an impressive head start, Hamilton went on to bed at least four Miss Worlds and the daughter of a sitting US president, Lyndon Johnson. He even found himself swapping partners with British singer and lothario Rod Stewart. Now, at the age of 73, his star still shines as bright as his skin and his most recent appearance in the gossip pages saw him being "papped" on the red carpet of a fund-raising event held by singer Gloria Estefan …


A childhood largely spent nursing her father, a Vietnam war veteran ravaged by exposure to Agent Orange, left Gloria terrified of suffering the same paralysis as her tortured parent. Her nightmare nearly came true in 1990, when her tour bus was involved in an accident that snapped her spine. Months of recuperation saw her recover sufficiently to return to a life of performing and watching American football in her hometown of Miami. Such is her passion for the sport, she bought a stake in the Miami Dolphins, alongside co-shareholder and teetotal Latina Jennifer Lopez.





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Six degrees

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