Bag man Kunio Tsuchiya started learning leather craftsmanship when he was 15, by making schoolbags. Having mastered the craft, Tsuchiya (right) opened his own workshop in Japan in 1965, creating bags for adults that featured minimalist designs and paired Japanese aesthetics with durability. Almost half a century on, he has a chain of Tsuchiya Kaban ("kaban" is Japanese for "bag") stores in Japan and has just opened one in Hong Kong.


As well as unisex bags, Tsuchiya Kaban produces wallets, card cases, pen cases and many other accessories. The company is known for neutral tones, from black and olive to rusty oranges and pale creams, and produces a line of waterproof leather bags.

Tsuchiya Kaban is at 6 Sun Street, Wan Chai, tel: 2745 6821.