From spicy, tobacco-infused concoctions to sweet and fruity scents, we test a range of the season's perfumes so you can smell your best this winter.





Diptyque's Volutes Eau de Parfum (HK$950/75ml) is a smooth, peppery scent that includes notes of tobacco, pink and black pepper, iris, honey and saffron. It has a clean, powdery smell that is easy to wear and a great alternative to traditional sweet and floral perfumes. One spray at the base of the neck and on the underside of wrists is sufficient. Needs to be refreshed about every four hours. Available at diptyque in IFC Mall, Central, and Joyce Beauty stores.





Jeunesse by Robert Piguet (HK$1,250/100ml) is one of three new scents from the Pacific Collection - a line that the French perfume house created with the Asian market in mind. A mix of blackcurrant, raspberry, pomegranate and musk, Jeunesse is a warm, sweet perfume that has mouth-watering fruity undertones. The unique scent stays on the skin unchanged for hours. Available at Lane Crawford.





Chanel's Coco Noir Eau de Parfum (HK$950/50ml) is the latest adaptation of the label's Coco scent, first launched in 1984. The new mix includes grapefruit, rose and jasmine, but the base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and frankincense dominate. Coco Noir lacks the sweet warmth of the original and is more masculine. It is quite strong for the first hour or so then starts to wear off, turning into a soapy, indistinguishable scent. Available at all Chanel Beauty stores and counters.






Kenzo's Madly Kenzo! Eau de Toilette (HK$560/50ml) is a soft, flowery perfume with a hint of fruit. With pear, lychee, heliotrope flower, jasmine, cedar and musk, the blend is pleasant but indistinct from many similar fragrances. The scent starts to fade quickly after application and is completely gone within two to three hours. Available at Lane Crawford.