Who started it? After studying fashion and design in Barcelona and then Milan, Rosario Frojan returned to her hometown of Galicia, Spain, to start her own label, D-due, just three years ago. It is codesigned by Alfredo Olmedo. Their art- and graphics-inspired clothing is produced by the Frojan family’s manufacturing business and their garments are sold in more than 50 stores in Spain, as well as in select boutiques elsewhere. 


Why we love it: D-Due style is minimalist but quirky, with layers, patches, appliqués and hand-painted graphics. However, the focus is still on good tailoring and clean lines. The autumn collection is inspired by Amish and Mennonite communities, who depend on nature and emphasise simple living without modern conveniences. The designers draw from this lifestyle and aesthetic to create a look they call “from the field to the streets”, featuring natural cotton and wool. Handpainted graphics and illustrations help develop an element of whimsy and an understated sophistication.


What we’d pick: the blue-striped, sailorinspired blouse (top right; HK$2,900) is soft and versatile casual wear. The hand-painted printed blouse with white collar (top left; HK$2,900) is a prime example of that rural chic look.


Where can you get it? D-due is available in Kapok, 3 Sun Street, Wan Chai, tel: 2520 0114.