Red-leather day Things aren't going all that well for the Italian economy but one sector that seems to be thriving is the leather industry. Giorgio Lentini is the latest luxury Italian brand to make its mark in Hong Kong and it's not hard to see why. We like this striking red leather travel bag (below right; HK$6,295) and green leather tote bag (left; HK$7,595). Giorgio Lentini is available at The Swank.












Royal wraparound The holy trinity of Britishness is Queen Elizabeth, the BBC and, of course, Marks & Spencer. "Marks & Sparks", as it is affectionately known in Blighty, has for years been the go-to place for quality basics. Stock up this winter on some woollens, including this great grey cardigan (t; HK$699) and our favourite, the burgundy cable-knit, double-breasted version (far left; also HK$699). Marks & Spencer is at 22 Queen's Road, Central, tel: 2921 8323.




Nature boys Ermenegildo Zegna has clearly been enjoying the fresh air and beauty of nature, judging by the label's autumn collection. Choice picks include the rib cardigan with shearling collar (HK$32,600), cashmere turtleneck jumper (HK$8,900), moleskin cotton trousers (HK$4,700) and leather and wool tote bag (all left; HK$14,500). We're also taken with this hazelnut corduroy look: jacket (HK$23,600), trousers (HK$6,100) and waistcoat (all far left; HK$8,200). Ermenegildo Zegna is in IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2295 0828.




Rogue agent The brogue fad may be on the ebb, but that isn't stopping Raparo from making outlandish renditions of the classic shoe. It would be impossible not to be noticed in these burgundy leather loafers (below; HK$5,295), with exaggerated stitching and a textured pattern, or the staple leather shoe (HK$5,495), with blister-effect toe cap. Raparo is available at The Swank, The Landmark, Central, tel: 2810 0769.