Who started it? Despite the rather misleading name, Marco Visconti began life in Hamburg, Germany, in 1986. For more than 25 years the brand built a loyal following with its contemporary, feminine and above all affordably luxurious clothes. The label has since relocated its headquarters to Hong Kong and with the move has come a reinvention, with an injection of a whole lot more pizzazz to the excellent craftsmanship.


Why we love it: European in essence but with a global, hip outlook, and all at sorely tempting prices - what's not to love? With its wonderfully tailored cuts, its strong, clean silhouettes, fashionable prints and on-trend fabrics working in harmony with the shape of the garments, Marco Visconti is the perfect blend of classic and modern.


What we'd pick: the label is already famous for its shift dresses, so perhaps the focus should be on the other highlights of the winter collection, such as the Cairo coat (above; HK$1,480), with its arresting geometric black-and-white triangle print. Tailoring is another Marco Visconti strong point, and we're big fans of the Anna lace framed jacket (left; HK$980).


Where can you get it? Marco Visconti is at 63 Staunton Street, Central, tel: 2803 2307.