I’m last minute attending an insane wedding. I need a tuxedo ASAP … Any idea where I can rent a really nice one? A tailor will do it for HK$3,800, but I was hoping to pay less since I’m only just out of grad school.

Mr Dapper: I surmise you are in your early 20s. The wedding, therefore, is likely to be the first of many over the next few years. Rentals fill me with horror and never fit quite right even after the minor alterations they’ll sell you. Now is the time to invest in a good quality, classic tuxedo but in a slightly slimmer cut. You won’t regret it.
Mr Dandy: Yeah, good luck with that. I’ve practically had to wrestle local tailors to stray from the onecut- fits-all suits they churn out. Do you even know what kind of tuxedo you want? (Yes, there are different types.) Try on a few by luxury brands such as Tom Ford, Lanvin, Brioni, Gucci, Armani, Valentino, etc. Take notes. I figure it’s not dishonest since you’ll probably be back in a couple of years when you’re older and richer. E-Rave customshop has a good variety and very helpful staff (HK$1,880 for a four-day rental; 28 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, tel: 2577 1141; www.tuxedoerave.com). On a budget? Well there’s always Yu’s Tailor (HK$500 for two days; 15 Queen Victoria Street, Central, tel: 2398 7273). Oh, and those are jacket and trousers only. You’ll have to either buy or rent the bow tie and cummerbund, although most guys wear neckties and skip the ‘bund these days.


I like steam-cleaning my skin, but just don’t enjoy the spa thing. I couldn’t believe Fortress didn’t have one of those home facial machines. When I asked about other branches, they suggested I go to a Panasonic showroom for “more choice”!

Mr Dandy: Ah, Hong Kong retail, don’t you just love it? Actually, they may have done themselves out of some business. I saw a few on its website (www.fortress.com.hk), including the Rio Facial Steamer (HK$1,280). The machine gives off “atomised nano steam”. But Panasonic does do a Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer, which comes in the basic model (HK$2,480), or the hot and cold version with a timer (HK$3,280). Don’t ask me about the science behind “nanosized ionic steam particles”. All I know is they help open the pores for deep cleansing. Panasonic has showrooms in Causeway Bay (10/F, Sogo 555 Hennessy Road, tel: 2833 9039) and Tsim Sha Tsui East (14/F, New East Ocean Centre, 9 Science Museum Road, tel: 2733 3833); as well as counters all over town (www.panasonic.hk). Now I’m a sucker for design, and I must say the more pricey Oregon Scientific NanoActiv Skin Restoring System caught my eye (HK$3,980; IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2295 3198).
Mr Dapper: Wet face. Rub with soap and face towel. Dry. Why complicate matters?


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