I found Israeli Kitchen israelikitchen.com while researching a trip to (guess where?) Israel. Blogger Miriam Kresh, an Israeli-American who lived in Brazil and Venezuela before moving to Israel more than 30 years ago, has done various jobs, including soap-making. She writes that she realised one day "the way I connect with the world is by making things with my hands. Mostly, cooking."

It is fascinating to see the variety of Jewish foods that Kresh cooks for religious holidays: hamantaschen for Purim, gefilte fish for Passover, dairy-heavy dishes for Shavuot and meaty foods for Rosh Hashanah.

The foods are tempting even if you're not Jewish. I am eager to try Kresh's recipe for bialys (pictured) - little yeasted bread rolls topped with caramelised onion. The Indian-influenced herbed fish patties also sound delicious. And, in preparation for my trip, I have noted down local restaurants she recommends.