It’s always a struggle to find my husband gifts he will enjoy and hasn’t already bought for himself. He likes everything pretty simple and avoids fussy things. Since he travels a lot, I thought it would be good to get him one of those men's toiletry bags that he can hang up, but the only ones I know of are quite girly.

Mr Dandy: Sweet! I’m a bit of a container, box and bag nerd, and the one place in Hong Kong that feeds my fetish is Muji (various locations; Pamper him with a whole matching set of slick travel cases, such as the hanging travel pouch (HK$138), the passport holder (HK$100), the zipped pouch (HK$98) and more. They come in black, dark grey, army green or navy and look tough and no-nonsense enough not to challenge his masculinity. Is he outdoorsy? The ultimate mountain man store, REI now delivers internationally, so you could get in an order asap for something like the Sea to Summit Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag (HK$270 and up; Google “hanging toiletry bag” and you’ll find tons.
Mr Dapper: I am loath to add a, “bah, humbug”, to such a generous, thoughtful gift that’s in the true spirit of Christmas. However, one would assume that if your husband had use for such a functional travel accessory, he might have already purchased it. Which luggage brand does he favour? I suggest you purchase add-ons from the same company. For example, Tumi makes a Hanging Travel Kit (HK$1,250;, as do Victorinox, Samsonite, and so on. Instead of trying to surprise him this year, why not just ask him what he wants from Saint Nick? 


I accidentally ripped my boyfriend’s favourite shirt during a fight and want to replace it. It was a blue oxford shirt from the Gap. Where is a good place to start looking for a better (definitely sturdier) one?

Mr Dapper: My dear girl, I do not think it is the shirt that is the problem. May I suggest anger management courses instead? Or perhaps relationship counselling? St John’s Counselling Service (7/F, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, tel: 2525 7207; is one of Hong Kong’s more reputable centres, offering a host of issue-specific services for individuals and couples.
Mr Dandy: Yeah, it might help to learn to look on the bright side. I mean, at least you didn’t tear through a hand-sewn Borrelli! If you don’t want to deal with the real problem, I guess you could just stock up on a bunch of oxfords. But all the blue oxfords in the world won’t fix your relationship. How about going medieval with some armour, such as the chainmail shirts at A2 Armory (about HK$1,550; Sorry, didn’t mean to set you off. Your best bet is strong workwear by a hip brand such as Carhartt (about HK$950 and up; I.T, Langham Place, Mong Kok, tel; 3514 4150; Otherwise I suggest you call it quits and find someone who wears T-shirts or loose-fitting garments with  a bit of give. A Buddhist monk would be perfect, except for the celibacy thing.


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