I am trying to make more space at home, hence I want to sell my second hand (but in great condition) Chloe Paddington boots. However, it is proving more difficult than expected. I’ve tried to sell them on expat sites, but to no avail. Moreover, those Milan Stations wouldn’t buy the boots as they are not Hermès or Louis Vuitton. Would you know of a second hand luxury shop that would evaluate and buy my Chloe boots for a fair price? They still have the original box and protective bag.
Giving the Boot, Central

The Dictator rules: If those boots weren’t made for walking, find some that are, because you’re going to have to do some leg work. Hong Kong does have consignment stores you could try, but an expat website isn’t going to cut it. Stores will want to see the boots to appraise them and broker a deal based on condition and desirability. Esther at Ladyplace (unit A, 1/F, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, tel: 2854 2321; www.ladyplace.com), for example, tells us the items must be in good condition and always by a well-known brand name. You can suggest prices. If they agree to sell your boots and someone buys them, they will send you a cheque at the end of that month. Also try Select 18 (18 Bridges Street, Central, tel: 9127 3657; www.select-18.com) or M22 (14/F, Rise Commercial Building, 5 Granville Circuit, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2191 9411), which accepts consignments in batches rather than single items. Ensure all details are stipulated clearly and that you get a receipt. Who knows, though? You might command a higher price via eBay.



I pulled a thread on my muchloved rabbit-fur jacket, which has stitching on the outside, in Shanghai last week, and a section eight inches long has unravelled at the side seam. Please can you suggest a fur coat manufacturer/retailer who might sew this up for me?
Rabbit Habit, The Peak

The Dictator: Who cares? I’m more interested in how you tore your fur in the Pearl of the Orient. I’m imagining copious amounts of alcohol, debauchery and perhaps even a dance floor incident (fingers crossed). If the truth is more banal, don’t tell me. Before (or if) it gets cold enough for fur in Hong Kong, pack up that rabbit and hop along to the Siberian Fur Store (29 Des Voeux Road, Central, tel: 2522 1380). They must see the jacket to give you a quotation, but rabbitfur repairs could cost anywhere from HK$500 and up. If you plan to travel this winter, you should also take into consideration that it takes about one to two weeks to complete the work. For a full list of pelt specialists, visit the Hong Kong Fur Federation’s website (www.hkff.org), where you’ll find a list of retailers by district as well as other useful info. Many of the best tailors in Hong Kong also do minor fur repairs or are affiliated with experts in the field. It works well if you’ve built a relationship with one tailor in particular because they know your expectations and tastes.


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