Pink and be merry It's parky outside so to stop yourself becoming too rosy cheeked perhaps you should wrap up warm in Thomas Pink. We recommend the colourful O'Connel scarf (above right; HK$2,000) or, if you're in the mood to treat yourself, the Amner dogtooth cashmere scarf (above left; HK$2,900). Thomas Pink is in Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2155 9021.



Fit for a king Steve McQueen was known as the “King of Cool” so it’s pretty exciting to get your hands on a bit of McQueen-inspired nostalgia. In his acting and motor racing pomp, the Bullitt star was an ambassador for Tag Heuer and, as a tribute to both McQueen and the mystique of the Le Mans endurance race, the brand has released a range of 1970s racing-inspired leather goods, including these bags, which come in cotton (above left; HK$2,000) and menacing black leather (above right; HK$3,450). Tag Heuer is in Soundwill Plaza, 38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, tel: 2970 2208.


Work smarter If there's one thing worse than having to endure the office Christmas party, it's being stuck next to the office "joker" at dinner. You may have to just suck it up, but you can console yourself with looking good in this Brioni silk cummerbund (above left; HK$3,000) and silk bow tie (left; HK$1,300) exclusive to Mr Porter. Brioni x Mr Porter is available at





Slick oil The petroleum industry has a bit of an image problem so it was almost inevitable that those rebellious Italian contrarians at Diesel should choose a euphemism for oil as the name of their premium line. Diesel Black Gold has the same edgy design aesthetic as its sister brands but the materials are more expensive and the cut more refined. We love this rock chic look of striped blazer (HK$6,300) and matching waistcoat (HK$3,300), black trousers (HK$2,500) and black leather boots (all above right; HK$3,500). Another eye-catching ensemble is the dandyesque look, the centerpiece of which is the flowing navy overcoat (HK$39,000) that pairs well with the waistcoat (HK$2,900), trousers (HK$3,000) and navy leather boots (all above left; HK$3,700). Diesel is at 20 Queen's Road Central, tel: 2525 0540.