Would you happen to know who designed the black dress worn by the lady in the tango scene in Scent of a Woman (1992)? There is a clip of the scene on YouTube. Could I get a similar one?
Movie Magic, Robinson Road


The Dictator rules: Are you nuts? Who cares which designer made the halter-neck dress worn by Gabrielle Anwar 20 years ago? I doubt costume designer Aude Bronson-Howard even remembers. Collections change every season, and even more frequently these days. Take a fast-fashion retailer such as Forever 21, for example. It had a black, sheer georgette halter dress (HK$219; Capital Centre, 5 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, tel: 2890 4791), but stock turns over so quickly I can’t guarantee it will still be there now. Taste also changes, and thank heavens for that. Halter dresses have not been in the limelight for quite some time. As always, if you have your heart set on the dress in the movie, then get a picture of it and have it custom made or go vintage. For a contemporary interpretation, I like Paule Ka’s draped stretch-silk version (HK$10,995; Chater House, Central, tel: 2868 2099), and BCBG’s more affordable “Jocelyn” (HK$3,290; The Landmark, Central, tel: 2868 9873). You’ll also find some lovely designs via multibrand websites. Check out farfetch.com for fab halter dresses by L’Agence (HK$2,705), Dsquared2 (HK$6,435) and See by Chloé (HK$2,210). Now, what we want to know is: why the urgent, specific need? Tango contest? Meeting Al Pacino?



I’ve heard there’s a new nail polish that lets you make patterns with magnets. I’d love to get some for my teen daughter. Any ideas?
Magnetic Personality, Tai Hang


The Dictator: First, a note to mothers everywhere: stop trying to be cool. You never will be. At least, not in the eyes of your teenage children. And even if you do manage it, I suspect your priorities are all wrong. There’s nothing wrong, though, with purchasing interesting pressies for your kids, so we may now proceed. As your daughter might tell you, varnishes that use magnets to make patterns are not new. For over a year now there’s been quite a bit of buzz around LCN’s Magnetic Nail Polish (HK$160 each; 11/F, L’Hart, 487 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, tel: 3152 2300). After the polish is applied, but while it’s still wet, hold one of the magnets over each nail for about 10 seconds and, voila!, a pattern emerges. Patterns and colours vary, but LCN offers starburst, curve, snake or diagonal stripe magnets, and one of the widest selections of hues around. If it’s not obvious by now, there are magnetic particles in the polish which are pulled up by the magnet. It’s likely you saw an ad for the new Essie Repstyle magnetic polish with patterns such as (you guessed it) snakeskin. But you’ll either have to order online (HK$87; www.beauty.com) or wait for it to launch here. Or check out OPI’s James Bond-themed magnetics (HK$90 and up; Cher2, 1/F, Po Foo Building, 88 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, tel: 2882 2528).


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