You have probably bought books, music, films or gadgetry on the internet - but we're willing to bet you've never gone online to purchase a sheep; a walking, breathing, bleating one.

Before anyone starts making up the spare room for their very own Shaun or Shirley, though, we are talking about purchasing a sheep for the poor of Gansu province, through group-buying portal Beecrazy.

Launched last month, Beecrazy's charity page
is making contributing to good causes all the more easier.

Other than donating to Oxfam's Sheep Raising Programme (HK$400; to train families to care for a sheep) shoppers can support the SPCA by purchasing a dog- or cat-themed calendar (HK$98) or blanket (HK$100); or help the elderly, by buying Helping Hand biscuits (HK$35) or a panda key chain (HK$25).

Project Little Dream, which builds schools in undeveloped areas around the world, uses the site to sell pouches and coin purses made from recycled cement bags.

Limited-edition items donated by stars such as Aaron Kwok Fu-shing are also put up for sale on the site. You may have missed Kwok's "De Showy Masquerade World Tour" T-shirt but there is likely to be something just as tempting whenever you log on.

If Kwok memorabilia or a breadmaker donated by TVB actress Nnadia Chan Chung-ling don't have you ripping open your wallet in feverish excitement, don't despair - Beecrazy promises many more charities and items to come.