The pampering to which some Hongkongers subject their poor pooches may make the rest of us want to throw up, but for the dogs, we suspect, it's another story.

Canine cakes have long been deemed vital for dog lovers celebrating that special something's birthday, and now it seems pets are to be included in other festivities.

Pet hotel operator Dogaroo is holding workshops on how to make Lunar New Year doggy treats and has even come up with a suitably saccharine title: The Sweet Baby Dessert Workshop.

The festive fare includes New Year dishes popular with, erm, people, such as koi-shaped puddings and deep-fried dumplings.

The recipes have been modified for canine consumption: the dumplings, for instance, are less oily than you or I may be used to and come with a choice of two fillings: peanut butter, shaved coconut and oatmeal; and tuna, cheese and egg. The suggestion for osmanthus pudding resembles a gold ingot and is decorated with a bone crafted out of a water chestnut.

Of course, if you're lazier than your dog but can't bear to let the poor hound down, the snacks are available to buy ready made at all Dogaroo shops.

The two-hour workshop costs HK$328 and starts at 1pm every Saturday and Sunday, including today, until February 3 at Dogaroo, 4/F, Stanley Plaza, Stanley. For inquiries, call 2760 0016.