There you are, lying in your bed, the alarm going off, the stress of work flooding your tired brain, your significant other taking ages in the bathroom. No, it's not every day that you bounce out of bed singing. If you were in Australia, you might consider taking a "mental health" day. If you were in some part of southern Europe given to inherent laziness, you'd probably just go back to sleep and to hell with work. But you're not - you're in Hong Kong, where "presenteeism" is the rule.

The idea of the "duvet day" - a paid day employees can take off at short notice for rest and relaxation - remains anathema in Hong Kong, but homeware store Linen House has come up with something of a novel compromise: in celebration of Hongkongers' stellar work ethic, the company is exhorting us to take our duvets to the office.

"It's a bit of a cheeky idea," says Linen House Hong Kong's managing director, Francis Au. "The concept was inspired by Hong Kong's long working hours and the fact that people are finding it harder to separate their work and personal lives."

Until March 1, you can post photographs of yourself or colleagues, quilted and working, on Linen House Hong Kong's Facebook page, for the chance to win up to HK$2,000 in vouchers for the store.

As for the snaps, the quirkier the better, says Au. "We're looking for people having fun - that's what the concept is about. The point is to increase happiness and well-being.

"Duvet days are a fun concept and should be viewed as a perk. I'm looking into implementing this for Linen House staff."

Don't go under cover just yet, though. Au is doubtful duvet days will become a feature of Hong Kong life. "Most employers here would take a dim view."

Our advice: watch out for vacancies at Linen House. For more information, visit