Who started it? In 1607, King Karl IX of Sweden established a brass industry in his country, settling on the area of Skultuna, near the east coast, as a base. Since then, the brand named after the place has been producing everything from extravagant chandeliers to cufflinks.

Why we love it: cufflinks and bracelets add that bold dash of colour to any formal occasion, and while you might anticipate them being a little conservative, Skultuna's aesthetics adapt to the times. Using as inspiration everything from royal insignia to modern hipster symbols, golf to motor racing, its approach to ornamentation offers something for almost everyone.

What we'd pick: traditional dressers should opt for the classic Skultuna Crown cufflinks (below left and centre; HK$698), available in a variety of colours and stamped with "1607". The Skull & Bones cuffs (below right; HK$698), meanwhile, are sharp yet subtle, their basic colour palette suiting the steel backing. And, for those who can pull it off, the Leather & Gold Plated lock bracelet (bottom left; HK$698) is snake-like and sleek.

Where can you get it? Skultuna is available at Vie, 2 St Francis Yard, Wan Chai, tel: 2804 1038 and online at www.shopdescreateurs.com