I can't wait for summer! I think those suits with the short pants look pretty fresh, and I'm so bored of the trad kind. Where can I get one?


Mr Dapper: I'm sorry to say, you are wrong on several counts. First, when I last checked with the Hong Kong Observatory, I saw that temperatures are forecast to flip-flop quite a bit more before true summer arrives. Second, and more importantly, I cannot condone the silliness of shorts suits. Either wear a suit, or wear shorts. Third, have you ever considered that you may already have one? Hint: hemming suit trousers would make them into shorts.
Mr Dandy: Ignore him. Now go take a look at the almost preppy blue cotton blazer with funky paisley lining (HK$10,399) and matching bermudas (HK$3,499) at Comme des Garçons (10 Ice House Street, Central, tel: 2869 5906). Slightly out there, but really cool, is the jacket (HK$3,290; Harvey Nichols, Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 3968 2668) and shorts (HK$1,790) from T by Alexander Wang in a bright blue sort of wetsuit material. Have more fun with Kris Van Assche's gingham check version: a caped hoodie/anorak (HK$13,020; Harvey Nichols) with pleated short-shorts (HK$4,590). Or get a wild print from a fabric shop in Western Market (Sheung Wan), then ask your tailor to make you something based on your favourite suit.


Put this in the category of things I never knew I needed, but I'd like something better than the dry cleaner's cheap plastic collar bones in my shirts. Here's where it gets tricky. I know there are silver ones out there, but they just seem too heavy (and probably too expensive for me, to be honest).


Mr Dandy: Dude, you still wear that kind of shirt? I don't think anyone needs to be that uptight, but I guess that's your call. I'm here to make dressing fun and so is a company called Wurkin Stiffs wurkinstiffs.com It makes magnetic collar stays that won't set off alarms at airports and are corrosion-resistant (HK$310 for three pairs in assorted sizes; amazon.com) Or stock up with eight mixed steel pairs from 2.2 to three inches that neatly slot into a StayClip key ring (HK$388 and up; www.stayclip.com) And I love the romance of the six-piece, silver-plated brass Secret Message personalised collar stays at www.personalizationmall.com (HK$287)!
Mr Dapper: If a shirt is made for collar stays, then use them. Turnbull & Asser delivers its superior collar stays to Hong Kong and they come in fine mother-of-pearl (HK$542; www.turnbullandasser.co.uk) and sterling silver (HK$1,295). I contest, sir, that silver bones provide structure, not extra weight, when made properly. They are widely available from respected brands, such as Dunhill (HK$890 per pair; Pacific Place, tel: 2537 1009) and Links of London (HK$690; IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2295 3328). Thomas Pink has a large variety, from silver (HK$900 a pair) and mother-of-pearl (HK$480 a pair) to multi-toned quality plastic (HK$250 for six pairs; Pacific Place, tel: 2155 9021). Penny-pinchers may stock up on the selection at Tie Rack (HK$99; Admiralty Centre, Admiralty; tel: 2866 1501).



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