I’ve never owned a tuxedo and am not interested in starting now, but I would like those trousers that sort of look like tuxedo trousers but are more casual and in colour. I’m having trouble knowing what to call them, which isn’t making my search easy. So, over to you! 

Mr Dandy: I do get how hard it can be to search for this kind of thing. When I first saw Prada’s trousers for spring-summer (available in numerous colour combos for HK$6,900 a pair; Alexandra House, Central, tel: 2522 2989), I called the detail a “tuxedo stripe on the inseam”. But when I searched the term, all I got were formal tuxes. Prada avoids the reference and goes for words such as “bi-colour”. For a casual and cool take on it, see the panelled jeans or navy contrasttrimmed lounge trousers by 3.1 Phillip Lim (HK$4,100; Joyce, Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2523 5944).
Or go horizontal with Dries Van Noten’s classic navy trousers modified by a band of pumpkin orange below the waistband (HK$5,900; Joyce). A few designers have done panelled trousers: Mastermind’s pleat-front specimens are plain black wool with the party round the back, in an all-over skull pattern (HK$21,500; Joyce).
Mr Dapper: I suppose one could take one’s trousers to the tailor and have him attach a tuxedo stripe in whichever colour and position he might choose. With the fabric and the quality sewing tape or ribbon available in Hong Kong, one could create the desired attention-seeking statement. I don’t pretend to understand the need for said trousers, but our suggestion would certainly save time and funds.


Where can I find Byredo in Hong Kong? I caught a whiff of it at the shows but didn’t have a second to source a bottle before I returned.

Mr Dapper: I’m afraid I can’t be of much help. The reply from the Stockholm-based perfume house was: “Thank you for your e-mail and kind interest in Byredo! Unfortunately, we don’t sell Byredo in Hong Kong. If you have the chance to travel, you will be able to find it in Japan, Australia, Dubai or in Europe.” Byredo was founded in 2006 by Ben Gorham, a half- Canadian, half-Indian ex-art student raised in Sweden who has had no formal training. He consulted respected perfumers Jerome Epinette and Olivia Giacobetti to create simple concoctions based on the finest ingredients. The bestselling Bal d’Afrique, for example, is an exotic mix of lemon, neroli, African marigold, musk and Moroccan cedarwood, whereas Gypsy Water is composed of notes that include bergamot, incense, pine needles, amber and sandalwood. You’ll need to shop online for those, but their descriptions should ring a bell; they could be describing fragrances by any of the luxury perfume houses whose products are available in Hong Kong, such as Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle and Annick Goutal.
Mr Dandy: I’ve loved Byredo’s scents for years, especially the citrusy, sexy one it did with Dutch magazine Fantastic Man. I occasionally have luck with Hong Kongbased strawberrynet.com, which is selling Mister Marvelous for HK$1,550. Otherwise, it’s a matter of trawling the internet to see who delivers for the lowest price.


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