I've enjoyed the convenience of crease-free shirts for years. Is there the same thing for trousers? I've heard of a permanent service offered by dry cleaners, but I'm wary.

Mr Dandy: Dude, don't do it! The permanent crease usually involves chemicals (sometimes glue) and high temperatures. The web is full of home remedies, but once the treatment is applied, your trousers are basically done for.
Mr Dapper: Point of clarification: a permanent crease creates a line, if you will, that goes down each trouser leg. I believe the question at hand refers to what are better termed "wrinkle-free" or "crease-resistant" trousers. Our reader is correct. The concept was first popularised in the form of men's shirts, primarily by business travellers, for obvious reasons. Italian label Kiton offers trousers in hi-tech fabrics designed to avoid wrinkles and I have my eye on a Nantucket red pair (HK$7,980; IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2234 7882), as well as the dark denims (HK$8,380). Advantage Chinos at Brooks Brothers are made with a wrinkle-resistant, treated cotton and are available in up to seven neutral shades (HK$880 and up; IFC Mall, tel: 2234 7088). In suiting, Ermenegildo Zegna is leader of the pack with its High Performance line, including the Trofeo Comfort trousers in classic colours (HK$7,500; IFC Mall, tel: 2295 0828).


Is it true neon colours are back in style? They remind me of New York in the 1980s. How should I be wearing them in 2013 without looking like a dork?

Mr Dapper: Sir, if you remember New York in the 80s, you are most likely too old to revive the look. It's possible to incorporate trendy bright hues without resorting to a neon assault. See, for instance, DKNY, which helpfully displays T-shirts, shorts, trousers and jackets in colour groups of yellow, blue, red, and green (HK$390 and up; World Trade Centre, Causeway Bay, tel: 2895 1388).
Mr Dandy: Are you kidding? Neon is so hot right now! And Dapper, you missed a whole opportunity even you wouldn't mind: accessories! We call them highlighter hues: pick one thing, shoes, a belt, a bag, and let that pop with a normal outfit. Ease into it with a neon belt in green leather or suede by Comme des Garçons (HK$999 to HK$1,999; I.T, 1 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, tel: 2890 7329). Unique or limited-edition trainers or hi-tops would do it, either by a sports brand such as adidas or designers like Marc Jacobs and Pierre Hardy (HK$1,200 to HK$4,899; all at I.T). In bags, nothing makes a statement like the Cambridge Satchel Company's shoulder bags in luminous yellow, green or pink (HK$1,850; Lane Crawford, IFC Mall, tel: 2118 7777).



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