So impressed was I with my new silicon-coated whisk from Living Plaza by Aeon (the branch in Causeway Bay is in Wing Tak Mansion, 15 Canal Road West, tel: 2892 1812) that I went back and bought more, for friends - at only HK$12 each, they won't break the bank. The "wires" are much more flexible than those of my metal whisks and they're coated with silicon so they don't scratch enamelled pans. And the working end is slightly pointed so it really gets into the tight corners of saucepans.








If you want to make dotorimuk - the cool, refreshing Korean acorn jelly - you can either start with acorns (which is a lot of work, and finding an oak tree in Hong Kong might prove difficult), or you can use acorn powder. You just dissolve the Injekirin brand in water, simmer it, pour it into a mould so it can gel, slice it, then serve it with a sauce and/or vegetables. It sells for HK$230 for 500 grams at New World Mart (5 Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2369 5074).






I was so excited to see St Cousair all-fruit yuzu marmalade that I didn't read the ingredients list. Yes, it's all fruit - but that doesn't mean it's all yuzu, that delicious, delicately flavoured Japanese member of the citrus family. The marmalade is made up primarily of grape juice - with the addition of yuzu, lemon juice and a gelling agent. And it's expensive: HK$49 for a 145-gram jar at City'super (Times Square, Causeway Bay, tel: 2506 2888).