Made In Sicily
By Giorgio Locatelli


I've never been to Sicily but it's long been on my list of places I'd like to visit. Now, having read Made In Sicily, the Italian island has moved much closer to the top of that list.

Chef Giorgio Locatelli, whose first was titled Made In Italy, concentrates on regional cuisine in this, his second book. Some reviewers have complained about the lack of pictures of finished dishes - the photographs in Made In Sicily are just as likely to be of scenery or people, or close-ups of raw ingredients, as they are of the food. But Sicilian cuisine isn't meant to be elaborately plated and garnished, so artful food photography would be fairly pointless.

As you'd expect of an island, Sicilian cuisine features a lot of seafood, and the dishes in this book include fish soup; spaghetti with sea urchin; ricotta pasta with tuna, anchovy and tomato sauce; stuffed sardines; and monkfish with olives. But the temperate climate means a huge variety of products can be grown and reared, too, and there are recipes for stuffed artichokes; summer caponata; wild chicory with garlic; cheese and saffron rice balls in beef broth; casarecce (twisted pasta) with pistachio pesto; roast baby goat with anchovies, rosemary and lemon; hunter-style rabbit; cannoli with orange marmalade and pistachio ice cream; and lemon and mint granita.