An alley behind an old Las Vegas motel; a dead waitress; some items belonging to her in the rubbish … Are you hard-boiled enough to investigate a murder?

"Who is Being Served?" and other scenarios make up CSI: The Experience, an interactive "exhibit" at the Sheraton Macao Hotel that's based on the American television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and designed to channel your inner sleuth. If you've ever watched the show and been so bamboozled by all the science bits that you have thought they must be making it up, here is your chance to learn otherwise.

The attraction, suitable for adults and children aged 12 and above, runs until June 15 and is equal parts intrigue and education. Guests learn about everything from securing evidence and collecting prints to DNA identification and forensic pathology and autopsy. Briefings from real-life experts and - via video - CSI characters help to explain techniques for blood-spatter analysis, tyre-track comparison and sundry other lab procedures.

Other plotlines are "House Collided", in which a motorist has apparently crashed into someone's front room, and "No Bones About It", set in a desert canyon where a hiker has found a human skull, and cases usually take about 50 minutes to solve.

Pseudo-investigators must report their findings to chief investigator Gil Grissom's office, although it's unlikely the doc will be at his desk. Their conclusions are compared with those of expert CSI investigators and diplomas are awarded at the close of the case.

The Sheraton Macao is offering a package that starts from HK$1,438 and includes one night's accommodation in a Deluxe King or Deluxe Twin room plus two tickets for the exhibit. For inquiries, call (853) 2880 2000. Tickets are also available at priced at HK$120 each.