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I've always been a fix-it guy and used to carry a pocket knife with me everywhere. I'd hate to tell you how many times I got held up at airport security and lost a great tool to the ridiculous rules made after 9/11. So I was happy to read they're allowing them on planes again. What's the latest and greatest out there?

Mr Dandy: Yeah, isn't it great? Now any crazy can board a plane and slit as many throats as she/he likes. Cool! Not. I don't get why you need a knife on a plane. Anyway, to answer your question, the classics are still around, still useful and still look good. The Swiss army knives from Victorinox (HK$149 and up; see for locations) have been kitted out with a few more tools and bits, such as cigar cutters, USB sticks and digital clocks. Fancier ones are also an option, such as the silver Chrome Hearts one I saw for HK$20,800 (Prince's Building, Central, tel: 2810 6932).
Mr Dapper: Oh, the ignorance. Gentlemen, the headlines you've read recently are specific to the United States. According to the US Transportation Security Administration, they will relax certain restrictions from Thursday. For Hong Kong, I recommend you consult the Civil Aviation Department. At, "objects with sharp points or sharp edges" remain on the banned list, including utility knives. A fan of handy gadgets myself, I would purchase something wonderful, such as the humble Leatherman (HK$195 and up; Supreme, 18/F, Park-In Commercial Centre, 56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, tel: 2396 6887); or the G Wiseman handmade pocket knife co-designed with Sebastian Kaufmann (HK$2,555; Take your pick at Just be sure to pack it in your check-in luggage.


I've always been told that Hong Kong is a shopping mecca. I was therefore surprised that I couldn't find a store selling Luigi Borrelli in the SAR. Could you let me know if I simply missed it, and where I might find this excellent brand?

Mr Dapper: Unfortunately, I have just received official word from the label's Italian headquarters that Luigi Borrelli's fine, tailored menswear is not available in Hong Kong. Perhaps you'd consider a visit to Italy? For those not yet acquainted with the esteemed tailor, Luigi Borrelli is famous for handcrafted Italian shirts, ties and so forth. Although founded in 1957, its superlative craftsmanship was honed and developed by Luigi's mother, Anna, for decades prior to that. Shirts, for example, are still made according to the exacting standards of Neapolitan tailors of old, with a focus on fabric, fit, collar, shoulder, sleeves, buttonholes and armholes. A small selection of ready-made Borrelli shirts is, however, available via websites such as (HK$1,280 and up).
Mr Dandy: Sorry, who? Dude, there are, like, tonnes of brands in Hong Kong, and you're complaining 'cause you can't find that one? Man, get to a mall or tailor or something! (Hello? Like Alain Figaret, Thomas Pink, Ascot Chang, Hackett?)



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