Wayward eyebrows can be a disaster, so take extra care when choosing a liner.

Averine's Automatic Eyebrow Liner (HK$180) claims to be "skin conditioning" as it is talc free and contains the hydrating ingredient Ceramide-3 and anti-ageing silicone-treated pearl powder. The liner, which does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, comes in one shade - charcoal brown - and its fine, crayon-textured tip adds a nice colour to the skin. The retractable twist-up design is handy as it eliminates the need for a sharpener.




Clinique's Superfine Liner for Brows (HK$120) is, as the name suggests, very fine. It's smooth and easy to blend, but be light-handed or you may end up with too much to play with. A mix of waxes, including Copernicia cerifera, is said to help create a long-lasting, water-resistant finish. The drawbacks are that the product is not retractable once it's swirled up and it doesn't come with a brush. There are three shades available - soft brown (above), deep brown and black/brown.



Couleur Caramel's Eyebrow Pencil (HK$179)
is made of 100 per cent natural, paraben-free ingredients such as shea butter, purified beeswax, vitamins A, E and F, as well as palm and coconut oils. Combined, they're said to offer both moisturising and anti-inflammatory benefits. The product comes in three shades of brown. The pencil is a bit hard on the skin but it is the easiest to control when it comes to shaping brow edges. It uses organic and Fair Trade-approved ingredients and recycled materials for the packaging.



MAC's Veluxe Brow Liner (HK$160) comes in five shades - strawberry blonde, redhead, brunette, deep brunette and deep dark brunette - which are obviously designed to match hair colours. The pencil glides on the brows smoothly and the results are easy to blend, giving a natural, soft finish.