Grooms-to-be look away now; or, even better, hide this article from your fiancée: if you're already worn out by all the preparatory palaver in the run-up to the big day - not to mention the costs - the new Bridal Room at jeweller Carat's recently refitted Harbour City boutique (above) may further test your resolve.

The London-based jeweller - known for gemstone pieces that have, of late, adorned celebrities including Canto-pop singer and actress Vivian Chow Wai-man and the cast of hip New York television drama Gossip Girl - is aiming to lure affianced women with a service described as "the full bridal experience". To help them choose the right jewellery, brides-to-be are invited to bring their wedding gowns on down.

"The difference is that [they] can now actually see what they will look like on the day," says Scott Thompson, who founded Carat in 2003. "[Otherwise] it's kind of like getting dressed in the dark - you think the outfit works but [later] realise it doesn't look right."

Carat says it's the first jeweller to offer such a service and stresses that women are under no obligation to purchase anything after the fitting. And what's more, if any male readers are still fighting the urge to cut this page out of Post Magazine, Thompson insists the Carat sales team believe in a "less is more" approach to wedding jewellery. The pieces, he says, shouldn't attract attention away from the dress itself.

Items in Carat's Bridal collections range in price from HK$2,000 to HK$20,000. For inquiries, call 3101 1510.