Who started it? Volklore - derived from the word "folklore" - is based in Hong Kong and Britain. Founded by designers Sam Giles and Henry Muller in 2009, the label has quietly gathered a fan base among fashion lovers who don't want to follow the flock.

Why we love it: with backgrounds in printed textiles and a shared love for patterns, the design duo has created a highly visual collection that stands out from the homogenised crowd. With an emphasis on quality fabrics and workmanship, Volklore products have an instant, fresh feel. But what we love most is that each item has a story behind it, whether inspired by travel, sketches, paintings, illustrations or photography.

What we'd pick: we love the dreamy feel of the cloud Theory shirt (below left; HK$880) and the Horror T-shirt (below right; HK$480), which features Hong Kong's own Shek O beach (the beach is a hop, skip and leisurely stroll from the Volklore office). We also love the Winston shirt (above; HK$880), with button-down collar, chest pocket and an eye pattern inspired by George Orwell's 1984.

Where can you get it? Volklore is available at Kapok, 5 St Francis Yard, Wan Chai, tel: 2549 9254, and online at hypebeast.com, asos.com and volklore.com.