Face value Any fashion fan with an ounce of sense loves Neil Barrett but, let's be honest, to afford the designer's main line might mean working as a guinea pig in shady medical experiments. Thankfully, Mr Barrett also offers a less expensive diffusion line, BlackBarrett, that ticks all the right boxes. We love the graphic tees from this season, including the big owl print (above left; HK$890) and the skull print (above right; HK$830). BlackBarrett is available at 13 Wyndham Street, Central, tel: 2530 2115.

Beach boys Men's beachwear has a tendency to be either utterly plain and rather boring or so risqué that you need to be waxed to within an inch of your life to carry it off. Little wonder then that men are forced to buy horrible board shorts. Shudder! Fret no more, however, Tommy Hilfiger trunks are just the ticket. We like the classy anchor-print swim shorts (above left; HK$590) and, for the more adventurous, the floral print pair (above right; also HK$590). Tommy Hilfiger is in Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, tel: 2735 7622.

Miles in style The phrase "you can't really know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes" really resonates when you see the shoes over at C'N'C. Walk a mile in C'N'C and we're pretty sure you will like the cut of that man's jib. We fancy the black leather shoe with white sole (above right; HK$4,150), which has studs in place of eyelets. We also like the white leather chukka-like boots with studs (above left; HK$3,150). C'N'C is in Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2317 1845.

Going out with a bang Balenciaga has gone through some big changes recently. Out went Nicolas Ghesquiere, the man responsible for making the brand what it is today, and in came fashion's bright young thing, Alexander Wang. But Ghesquiere's excellent final spring-summer collection for Balenciaga means Wang has a lot to live up to. The collection is full of the former's classic motifs of futurism but with a refreshingly relaxed and oversized twist. We love the look of beige oversized coat (HK$9,120), black and floral shirt (HK$4,530), black and blue pleated trousers (HK$6,250), and white boots (all above right; HK$7,590). We also like the arresting look of long jacket (HK$18,870), trousers (HK$9,120), black tank top (HK$3,160), black and grey belt (HK$3,550) and white boots (all above left; HK$7,590). Balenciaga is in The Landmark, Central, tel: 3428 8086.