I’ve seen that flower print pants are in. Any tips on how to pull the look off?

Mr Dapper: I believe you were in the ladies section. The best way to “pull it off” is to unbutton, unzip and, well, pull off. Then go and put on a proper pair of trousers. Should you wish to wear a floral print, I recommend a quality shirt instead.
Mr Dandy: Floral pants are way cool! So summery. So much fun. But if you take anything from Dapper’s reactionary comments, it’s that not everyone will think so when you wear yours. Stick them in the “bold statement” box, because people will look. To start with, try shorts, such as the ones from Tommy Hilfiger Denim, which cost only HK$890 (Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2735 7488). Hare has some cool ¾-length trousers in a Hawaiian print but in quieter greys and with a cool nautical rope belt (HK$819; WTC More, Causeway Bay, tel: 2972 7885). In high fashion, the ordinarily minimalist Wooyoungmi has some 1980sstyle, almost floral chintz-looking jeans (HK$3,490; Harvey Nichols, Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 3968 2668). Of course, Marc Jacobs, who always plays with colour, has done a few floral-print cotton trousers for summer (HK$5,790; Harvey Nichols). But for something a bit more out there, check out Mercibeaucoup, which has drop-crotched, cropped trousers in corduroy with an all-over blue lotus print (HK$2,399; 66 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, tel: 2808 2789).


I just waxed for the first time. As if the pain weren’t enough, I’ve got weird red bumps around the “area”. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this?

Mr Dapper: Why on Earth you would put yourself through such torture is beyond me. I would suggest you return to the supposed expert who provided the service and seek their help to remedy the situation. After all, customers often return to hair salons when dissatisfied with a cut. Is this form of hair removal any different?
Mr Dandy: In a nutshell, yes, Dapper. It’s totally different. Especially since I bet his waxer told him to avoid exercise after the waxing, exfoliate regularly and dab the area with a post-waxing product. Hair removal hub Strip Ministry of Waxing (for locations, visit www.strip.com.hk) has more than a few products to suit specific needs, such as the SOS Virgin Forest Rescue Kit (HK$370), which includes a pain-distracting squeeze toy, exfoliating bath mitts and its X’ed Out Cream. The latter is supposed to soothe irritations, prevent ingrown hairs and reduce itchiness with tea tree oil, a pineapple enzyme and vitamin A, and is sold separately for HK$330.



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