“Everybody remembers how rebellious James T. Kirk is – that’s why the Captain Kirk’s Chicken Wings are so hot,” says Ng Chi-ping.

“Sulu is a mild character, so Sulu’s Sea Bass is a mild dish … [but] tabasco is used in the mayonnaise to give a little hint of spiciness.”

With Star Trek Into Darkness just released, the chef at Mexican diner Coyote Bar & Grill, in Wan Chai, is attempting to explain the rationale behind the venue’s Star Trekthemed menu.

According to the Trekkie handbooks – for such things exist – the food on board Starfleet ships is prepared with a “replicator”, which delivers meals to order by monkeying about with subatomic particles.

Thankfully, Ng’s approach is slightly different.

“On Earth … the team eat pretty much the same as we do,” he says, citing engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott’s craving for sandwiches in the last Star Trek film, from 2009. “So the dishes are somehow a metaphor for the characters.”

Fans of the series and films will no doubt be able to make such connections even if we at Post Magazine are thrown off the scent by the presence of Tabasco sauce in everything.

Besides the dishes already mentioned, Ng has come up with Scotty’s Skewers – tiger prawn and chorizo skewers with a Tabasco cocktail sauce and served with arugula and orange salad – and Spock’s Seafood Paella, which is cooked in a Tabasco-spiced tomato sauce with seafood, Mexican chorizo and jalapeno peppers.

It may be hard to picture Mr Spock in a sombrero but things might make more sense after a Spicy Spock – a variation on the Bloody Mary. Or a few Dr Bones’ Beers – which are served with, you’ve guessed it, Tabasco sauce.

The Star Trek-themed food and drink menu is available at Coyote in Wan Chai and iCaramba in Discovery Bay until June 9.

Diners can win Star Trek merchandise and cinema tickets.